About Galeneo


Galeneo is designed for everyone who is looking for:

  • professional
  • modern
  • user-friendly

software for cataloguing and publishing collections.


Galeneo can be used in archives, museums, institutes, cultural centers, art galleries, theaters, and any institutions intending to build a professional database of their collections and / or create a virtual gallery on the Internet.


Galeneo can handle both large and varied resources as well as smaller collections – it works in public and private institutions or can be used successfully by individual collectors.

The program can catalogue all types of collections: documents, visual arts, audio resources, movies.


Galeneo is modular, so its functionality can be configured to fit your individual needs.

  • Objects – key function of the program, ie creating and describing resources.

  • Collections – this functionality allows to categorize your collections.

  • Collection Tree – allows to create hierarchical collections.

  • Object Types – this feature allows to divide and describe objects according to various categories.

  • Tags– creating keywords.

  • Exhibitions – presenting collections in the form of virtual exhibits enriched with additional descriptions.

  • Dictionaries – defining a controlled vocabulary for any metadata field.

  • Hide elements – selecting hide or show option for individual description fields .

  • Maps – showing collections’ location on a map.

  • Reports – generating reports and registers.

  • QR codes – generating 2D codes.

  • Default search – allows to set the default search method.

  • Upload files – uploading large amounts of files.

  • Import CSV – adding data to Galeneo automatically.

  • Multimedia – easy way of viewing media files.

  • Own pages – quick creation of individual sites for public display of resources.

  • Contact form – a multifunctional, easy-to-use form on public websites.

  • Google statistics – allows to link a public website to a Google Analytics account.


In addition to its archiving functions, Galeneo also serves as an online publishing application.

Designated exhibits with selected description fields create a virtual gallery that users can browse by different criteria and search in detail.

The appearance of the website and the way the contents are presented can be selected by the user from standard templates or designed according to one’s vision and needs.

Galeneo makes it possible to share resources on websites that aggregate information about cultural heritage, such as Europeana.