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We specialize in cataloguing and archiving as well as publishing digital collections on the Internet.

About Galeneo

Galeneo is a comprehensive solution recommended for everyone who wants to securely and efficiently archive, catalogue and manage digital resources.

Galeneo is a quick and effective web publishing toolkit that brings your collection content and images to the website.



  • archiving all types of collections: photos, documents, movies, sounds
  • multiple ways to share your collection on the website: virtual gallery, exhibitions
  • unlimited access to collections: location, time, number of users
  • operations on all mobile devices
  • unlimited number of files
  • a description of collections in accordance with the Dublin Core international metadata standard
  • possibility to add your own description fields
  • independence from the operating system
  • data security – signing in to the account with a unique login and password
  • user friendly interface
  • possibility to customize the appearance and content of your website


  • catalogue and describe digital collections – according to set metadata and through self-created description fields
  • organize resources into collections
  • create individual collection types (image, poster, document, audio recording, movie, spectacle, etc.)
  • add unlimited number of photos, videos, texts, recordings, etc.
  • search resources through quick search or advanced queries
  • publish collections on the website
  • present and search resources on the map
  • create your own thesauruses and dictionary fields
  • create reports and printouts
  • generate QR codes
  • use collaborative editing
  • assign user permission levels
  • configure the visibility of the metadata display fields on public websites

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Our realizations

  • Archiwum zdjęć ZPAF Okręg Krakowski
    Association of Polish Artists Photographers (ZPAF) – Cracow County Website
    The Association of Polish Artists Photographers (ZPAF), which was created in 1947, is the largest Polish organization of this type. The Association, in thirteen districts, brings together photographers operating in Poland and abroad. The members of the organization are representatives of many generations and various artistic fields. The main goal of the site is to present information about the the Cracow ZPAF district. The portal is to become a knowledge base about photographers, providing research about their work. The site is connected with the Galeneo program, which enables efficient archiving of the documentation.
  • Galeneo at the Institute of Paleobiology
    Instytut Paleobiologii PAN Paleontological Collection

    The database presenting palaeontological collections of the Institute of Paleobiology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IP PAS) – part of the natural heritage of mankind.  Their central part (made available now through the database) is constituted by collections described in publications edited by the Institute. Currently, there are around 800 collections, each containing from one to over 10,000 items. By selecting a variety of criteria, you can explore the collections, searching through collections and specimens in detail. The database was launched after only one year of data migration process, it is a compilation of over 20 catalog systems.

  • European Solidarity Center The Archive

    The European Solidarity Center archives its collections in Galeneo. We have designed a website that clearly presents these collections. You can view and search resources related to the activity of Solidarity. Resources are divided into collections, eg Art, Posters, Photographs, Historical Memorabilia, Philately…

  • Strona z kolekcją twórczości Tadeusza Kantora dla krakowskiego ZPAF w oparciu o program katalogujący Galeneo
    Association of Polish Artists Photographers (ZPAF) – Cracow County Tadeusz Kantor in photos of members of the Cracow ZPAF

    On the occasion of the announcement by UNESCO of the Year of Tadeusz Kantor, the Cracow District of the Association of Polish Artists Photographers prepared the project “Tadeusz Kantor in photographs of the members of the Cracow ZPAF”. The main goal of the project was the portal presenting the documentation of work of the photographers related to the Cracow ZPAF district, who operated with Tadeusz Kantor documenting his performances, happenings and scenography. This site is connected with the Galeneo program, which enables efficient archiving of the documentation.

  • Widok strony archiwum artystów kaliskich stworzonej dla galerii im. Jana Tarasina w Kaliszu w oparciu o aplikację Galeneo
    City Art Gallery of Kalisz Artists of Kalisz

    The website ‘Artists of Kalisz’ was created as part of the commemoration program Kalisz-Phoenix 1914-2014. The aim of the project was to show the continuity of artistic life in Kalisz by creating a collection of biographies that present lives and works of variuos artists – painters, sculptors, graphic designers, photographers and architects. Artists, whose output is presented on the site, created in the past or still live and work in Kalisz and for Kalisz. The artwork presented on this site is archived in Galeneo.

  • Michałowickie Archiwum Społeczne
    Strumiłło’s Institute Association Social Archive of Michałowice

    The Social Archive of Michałowice was created within the framework of a project implemented by the Strumiłło’s Institute for the preservation of cultural heritage of Michałowice commune. In order to save local traditions and customs, the inhabitants shared their memories and memorabilia, which were archived in Galeneo and presented on the website.

  • galeneo w polskim atlasie etnograficznym
    University of Silesia Polish Ethnographic Atlas

    Cieszyn’s atlas work at the The Faculty of Ethnology and Educational Sciences of the University of Silesia has undertaken long-term documentation work related to the scientific elaboration of collections, their digitization and publishing on the Internet. Within the framework of the Polish Ethnographic Atlas project, there was created an electronic catalog of collections, operated by the Galeneo program, and a website where the collections are presented.

  • The archive of Professor Mieczysław Radwan and Radwan Family

    The archive was created to preserve the scientific legacy of professor Mieczysław Radwan and his family. Operated by Galeneo, a virtual archive has been created, due to which all scientific elaborations and other documents concerning life and studies of Mieczysław Radwan have been exposed – they are now available for scientific and cognitive purposes.

About us

For many years we have been providing IT solutions for the arts and culture industry. We have implemented digital asset management systems in more than 100 institutions in Poland and Europe, and have developed programs for cataloguing and presenting collections on the Internet. We have also been involved in the development of mobile apps for art galleries and museums.

We operate under clear conditions and according to simple principles: we work for our customers and do our best to make them satisfied with our services and the solutions we propose.

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